Hike Tour Teno Mountains

From the village of Erjos and after a short ascent we will reach the area of the weather boundary.

A small path leads us trough the romantic laurel forest of „Monte del Agua“ where we can enjoy the most beautiful views of the deep valleys of the Teno Mountains and the little village of Masca. After that we make a detour to the „Degollada de Mesa“ - a mountain peak above Masca. From here will be greeted by one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Tenerife.

After a short descent we will walk along a wide forest track back to our starting point.

Planned Day: Sunday
Walking Time: 4 hours
Transfer Time from DIGA: 60 min
Difficulty Level: ●●●○○○
Altitude Difference: 250 m  
Altitude Difference: 250 m