Hike Tour Senses of the North

Discover your senses and feel, taste, smell and hear the beautiful nature surrounding us on our 1 hour stroll along the "Path of the Senses" (Sendero de los Sentidos) in the Magical Forests of Las Mercesdes.

Afterwards we will visit the museum of Anaga where you can learn and see a lot about the origins of the impressive zone.

During a visit of the Farmer's Market in La Laguna you can enjoy the colours and the freshness of the local products. Armed with a shopping list we will buy here as well as ingredients for a typical canarian Mojo sauce.

Our next goal is the beautiful Bodega Álvaro - an old, typical and very classy winery. Discover hundreds of wine bottles from all over the world and have a little taste of some. Whilst in the Bodega we will need now our ingredients which we bought before - split in small groups you will now produce your very own Mojo Sauce. Of course we can also enjoy our "work" afterwards together with some delicious tapas.

Planned Day: Thursday
Walking Time: 1 hour
Transfer Time from DIGA: 60 min
Difficulty Level: ●○○○○○
Altitude Difference: 50 m  
Altitude Difference: 50 m