Hike Tour Teide

In the National Park "Las Cañadas del Teide" at 2,200 m of height, our climb begins on the not too steep, "Montaña Blanca" path.

After about 1,5 hours it will start to get a bit more challenging. Rampant serpentines lead the way up to the mountain shelter “Refugio de Altavista”. We carry on walking through bizarre lava fields up to the level of the cable car station on about 3555 meters.

Here we will meet with the group of the Teide "light" hike and we will carry on together in direction of the viewing point "Pico Viejo". From here you have a unique and breathtaking view over the island of Tenerife, the oldest volcano Pico Viejo and the other Canary Island.

The "descent" will be done by cable car.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Teide Hikes are done momentarily without the peak. Due to the extremely limited number of peak permissions which are obligatory for the last 200 meters of altitude, we are not able to get any of those permits for our guests on short term.

As long as there are free capacities (the actual situation can be found HERE) you can get your permission for yourself online or we can do it as long as you send us your details (full names of all participants and their passport numbers).

To be able to use the permits on our tour they should be issued for the correspondent day in the time window 13-15 h or 15-17 h. If you have a permit you can go up to the peak in the time when the other guests hike to the viewing point "Pico Viejo".

Planned Day: Thursday
Walking Time: 5 hours
With cable car descent on good weather conditions
8 - 9 hours by foot
Transfer Time from DIGA: 60 min
Difficulty Level: ●●●●●●
Altitude Difference: 1.300 m  
Altitude Difference: 1.300 m

Book Tour

Adults 54,00 €  *
Children (2 to 11 years) 27,00 €  *
* Transfer and guide

Additional costs: cable car (one way, descent) 13,50 € per person (price version 05/15)