Guided Tours

Everybody is welcome to participate in our tours as long as they are physically able to do so and fulfil the specific requirements. Please inform us about possible health problems before you join a tour. Please be aware that Tenerife is quiet mountainous and that we have certain elevation gains on every tour. Our guides are entitled to exclude participants from activities either before or during the tour in case the participant clearly is not able (health-wise, physically) to do the tour. In this case no refunds will be given.

Tours can only go out as planned if we reach the minimum number of participants and if the weather conditions are good enough. In case of any incident which endangers the safety of our clients we will cancel the tour.[nbsp] In that case we do all we can to offer an alternative tour.

The participation on the tours will be carried out at one´s own risk. Each participant has to act with caution and has to follow the instructions given by the guide(s). Especially on biking tours the participant has to accept the road traffic regulations and has to do everything to prevent accidents.

DIGA SPORTS is not reliable for any damages or accidents on the participant himself or things and persons of third parties if they occur out of the carelessness of the participant or if the participant doesn’t follow instructions given by the guide(s) or as prescribed by the road traffic regulations. Should there be any damages of any provided equipment from DIGA SPORTS due to such incidents then the participant is reliable and has to pay the necessary repairs or losses.

DIGA SPORTS is not reliable for defects of external services (i.e. transfer companies, taxis, boats, cable car, rental car companies, restaurants etc.) but will help to mediate where possible.

We ask all participants/clients to respect the regulations of the nature protection and landscape conservation. Especially within the National Park particularly strict regulations and severe penalties for every case of non-compliance apply.

In the National Park it is only allowed to cycle on asphalted roads. Also whilst hiking – please respect the marked hiking paths and don’t take any plants or stones with you.

For the last 200 metres of altitude to the summit of Mount Teide a special permission issued by the National Park’s Office is obligatory for which you have to give your complete name and ID number. If the maximum number people (200 per day) is reached or in case the hiking routes are not accessible (i.e. due to snow or ice) there will be no more permissions given by the authorities. DIGA SPORTS has no influence on that.

Bike Rental

We offer have high-quality Mountain Bikes, Racing Bikes, City Bikes, Trekking Bikes and Electro Bikes for rent. All of them are regularly checked from our own mechanics. Especially in the main season (October till April) we recommend a reservation via email or telephone well in advance.

For every bike hand-over we need to see a valid passport or ID card of the customer. A deposit is obligatory. This can be either 50,-€ in cash per bike or a valid identification document.

By signing this contract the customer obligates himself to prevent damages on and theft of the rented bike. Even when locked the bike must not be left unobserved, not even in the car or in front of the hotel. In the night the bike has to be taken in the room or has to be put in the luggage room of the hotel.

DIGA SPORTS is not accountable for any personal or material damages which might occur to the customer himself or third parties through improper use of the rental bike by the renting customer.

In case of damages and/or loss and/or consumption of the rented bike, their components and/or the provided accessory, the customer is accountable and has to pay the in the rental contract mentioned amounts to DIGA SPORTS. The deposit will be credited against the payable amount.

If the customer has an accident with the rental bike or if damage occurs during the rental period, the customer is obliged to inform DIGA SPORTS about this immediately. In this case DIGA SPORTS reserves the right to withhold the deposit and to block the bike up to 24 hours. In that time a professional mechanic will observe and check the bike and name the real damage done to the bike.

If the bike will be returned to the DIGA SPORTS Shop at the end of the rental period, the customer must do this only during the opening hours. The customer is completely accountable for the rental bike until one of the DIGA SPORTS staff has taken back the bike.

Holiday Service mediation (accommodation, flights, rental cars)

If wished we can mediate external services such as accommodation (hotels, apartments), flights, transfers and rental cars.

Following a customer request we send out non-obligatory offers with chosen services. The offer is only valid as long as there are capacities within the offered price ranges available. Prices of flight companies can change from day to day and kerosene and service charges can be made. We are official mediators for chosen accommodations, apartments, transfer from and to the airport, rental car companies and flights from Air Berlin, Condor and TUIfly.

For all this services we only appear as mediators. The general terms on conditions of the external partners (flight company, Hotel/Apartment, Rent A Car company etc.) apply. DIGA SPORTS is not accountable for defects of external services but we will mediate where possible.

If the customer wants to book an offer an email with the declared wish to do so and all personal details necessary (names, postal address, telephone number etc.) is sufficient.

With booking an offer/service you declare to accept the general terms and conditions and to pay for all costs of the booking. The charge of fees for changes or cancellations of services are subject of the general terms and conditions of the partner companies (Flight Company, hotels etc.). More detailed information regarding a certain booking can be given in advance by DIGA SPORTS.

After we received a customer booking order we reserve all services as binding bookings and send a booking confirmation and invoice per email to the customer. The customer is obliged to check all details within the booking confirmation and to warn DIGA SPORTS immediately if any detail is wrong.

An advance payment of 50% of the total amount in the booking confirmation has to be paid within 3 work days to the account of DIGA SPORTS. The final payment is due 4 weeks prior arrival. If booking have been made on short term (less than 4 weeks prior arrival) the complete payment is due straight away.

Pure Rent A Car bookings will be made by DIGA SPORTS with the according partner but will be paid by the customer directly to the Rent A Car Company when receiving the car.

After DIGA SPORTS received a payment the customer will receive a payment confirmation per email. Also all necessary travel documents will be sent out via email. All flights will be booked as electronic ticket.

If the customer wants to take a bike or other sports equipment on their holiday DIGA SPORTS has to be informed in advance as sports baggage has to be declared for every flight. Is the baggage not declared correct, the flight company has the right to decline the transport of the mentioned sports baggage. The reservation for sports equipment on flights costs extra. The amount is depends on the flight company but DIGA SPORTS will inform the customer about the price prior to the booking.

DIGA SPORTS can also mediate transfer from and to the airport via a local provider. If the customer doesn’t wish a transfer the transfer has to be organized on the customer’s account (via taxi, public bus, etc.). DIGA SPORTS is not allowed to pick up customers at the airport as this is only available to official transfer companies.

All hotels/apartments are booked directly. On arrival the customer has to contact the reception or person in charge.